Mentoring T.E.A.M.s and Eagle’s Nest

A TEAM consists of one team captain and three to six team players who all agree to provide prayer support, godly lifestyle examples, meaningful friendships, constructive leisure time activities, assistance with basic needs, and two-way accountability to one struggling individual.All TEAM members are required to commit a minimum of two hours per week with their mentee.
In order to become a volunteer, you must meet with the Executive Director, and submit a completed Volunteer Application.

Training is provided for volunteers interested in mentoring.

Eagle’s Nest groups are designed for in-depth accountability and discipline. Members commit to one hour a week and agree on committed, mutual accountability.

See our Eagle’s Nest Brochure for more information.

Mentoring Team Players & Captains Job Descriptions.pdf
Volunteer Application.pdf
Eagle’s Nest Brochure.pdf

A Mentor’s Simple Job Description

Montana ReEntry Program

Our program prepares those prisoners nearing release who wish to leave destructive lifestyles to re-enter their families, communities, and society equipped to lead meaningful and productive lives. If you are currently incarcerated or know of someone who is currently incarcerated and would like more information about our program, please read this Participant Brochure and Application for TEAM Program for more information.

If you would like to volunteer in the men’s ReEntry program, please call our office, 406-656-TEAM (8326) with your birth date, social security number, and address a MINIMUM of THREE MONTHS prior to the first ReEntry class you wish to attend in order to be cleared.

For more general information about T.E.A.M. Mentoring, please read our T.E.A.M. Mentoring brochure or contact our office at (406) 656 – TEAM (8326)

Check out our Events Calendar to see when our next Montana ReEntry classes are happening!

Application for TEAM Mentoring Program

TEAM Brochure

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