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I am pleased to be able to share how blessed I am for what TEAM Mentoring has given me. . .Christ  centered relationships.  TEAM has rekindled my hope that there are forgiving, loving and Godly people in this fallen world. . . . .


Too many people sit in prison, as I did, and feel lost. They have no or very little hope for their futures because they believe that no one will welcome them with a forgiving attitude. I thank TEAM for doing just that and am blessed to now be a part of those who return to prison to share the hope of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

I also feel very honored by being asked to help start up TEAM Enterprises. This Christ centered company is just another way to shine God’s light into the darkened hearts of the hopeless, by providing job opportunities for those reentering society, and by maintaining a Christ centered work environment that will help grow responsible and Godly brothers and sisters.  If you have projects to be done, give us a call at the TEAM Office.  We’d appreciate your business.

Timothy Hieronymus

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